Omega Lamb Project website launched

November 7, 2016

The Omega Lamb Project has launched its website, www.omegalamb.co.nz

The Omega Lamb Project is a Primary Growth Partnership between the Ministry for Primary Industries, Alliance Group Ltd and Headwaters. It has

identified Headwaters ewes with particularly high – and highly heritable – long-chain omega fatty acid and polyunsaturated (good) intramuscular fat profiles. Differentially fed on a special strain of Omega-rich chicory from weaning, their lambs are destined for premium-food service (restaurant) customers in New Zealand and internationally.

In 2016 Omega Lambs achieved at least 40mg/100gm of Omega-3 – around three times that of traditional lamb.

While the original goal was to maximise the health-giving qualities of lamb through higher, proven Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fat levels, taste-testes have shown that greater health is not the only benefit.

The Omega Lambs’ high levels of good intramuscular fat – around 3% compared with typically between 1 and 1.5% for lamb – is boosting taste, succulence and mouth feel.

The first 15,000 Omega Lambs were produced in 2016, with the number likely to double in 2017.

To learn more visit www.omegalamb.co.nz




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