New media strategy introduced

December 10, 2016

Both Headwaters and the Omega Lamb Project are increasing their media presence after opting for a low profile and focusing on genetic and management system development.

In December 2016 New Zealand Farmers Weekly ran a feature on Headwaters, and there has been considerable media coverage on The Omega Lamb Project with multiple references to Headwaters.

“We’ve deliberately kept away from the media spotlight while we’ve been making the necessary steps to ensure Headwaters is exactly where we want it to be,” Headwaters General Manager Ian Hercus says.

“It’s a case of not telling the story until you’re happy with the story you have to tell. We’re now entering this stage.”

The focus is on having Headwaters farmers tell their story from their own perspectives. Already the Romes from Waifield, Simon Saunders from Stag Valley Station, Marty Deans from Burwood Station and Andrew Harding from Caberfeidh Station have been profiled.

“We believe it’s vital that any news coverage reflects what’s happening on the ground, and there’s no-one better to do this than those on the ground.”

Ian Hercus says even greater media interest is likely in 2017, as awareness grows about the role of polyunsaturated (good) fats in animals, from a market and animal wellbeing perspective.

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