Headwaters’ ram classification a world first

November 28, 2016

From the 2017 season Headwaters rams will be presented in categories that relate to the consumer characteristics of their lambs.

This is believed to be the first time rams have been categorised this way and is consistent with the underlying philosophy of Headwaters – to be as close as possible to the consumer at every step.

The three tiers are:

Each offers a means for farmers to orient their production system towards productivity and animal and consumer health and taste benefits.

The common ground between the three categories is their high intramuscular fat and body conditions cores – building blocks of a more resilient ewe and better tasting lamb.

Headwaters Omega rams are allocated to farmers who are part of The Omega Lamb Project, or in the process of joining.

Headwaters Sigma rams have the same IMF and body condition characteristics as Headwaters Omega but, being outside The Omega Lamb Project, are not recorded for their long chain Omega-3 levels or integrated into the forage programme.

Headwaters Delta rams have the genetic health and taste-giving qualities of Headwaters Omega rams but due to superficial faults are designated for producing high health, high taste terminal lambs.

For further information contact Ian Hercus or John Watherston

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