Headwaters Omega Lambs score Olympic silver medal

November 23, 2016

Not many competitors choose the Olympics as their first event. Fewer still win a silver medal in the process.

That’s what an Omega Lamb-based dish achieved at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany in October. In November Headwaters celebrated the success of this exquisite lamb with farmer events in Gore, Methven and Carterton. It was an opportunity to experience Omega Lamb prepared by the New Zealand Olympic team leader Graham Hawkes. In Methven Graham was joined by New Zealand team Chef Darren Wright of Chillingworth Road restaurant in Christchurch.

New Zealand’s Culinary Olympics team competed against top chefs from 40 countries and Omega Lamb was the centre-piece of its main dish. This was before the lamb’s official in-market launch – it is still being trialed in premium restaurants in Auckland and Hong Kong.

This early recognition from some of the world’s leading chefs and top judges is a significant achievement, reinforcing the feedback from multiple taste panels which show the extra good fats significantly enhance succulence and eating quality.

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