About the Group

Established in 2006 to breed ewes with high levels of fat to thrive in New Zealand’s high country, Headwaters has 50 farmer shareholders with approximately 250,000 breeding ewes. The breeding programme has resulted in a top-performing ewe with high fertility and resilience that produces lambs with strong growth rates and unique fat constitution.

“We knew that if we had the right system we would discover things, and when we discovered things we’d have the right system to do something about it”

Andy Ramsden, Headwaters founder

Headwaters is a unique collaboration of like-minded farmers who are committed to breeding animals that are healthier, more resilient, more productive and with significant, proven consumer benefits in taste and health giving qualities.

We produce animals that reflect market demand for increased animal wellbeing, health-giving qualities, greater taste and appearance (reduced pH). This is why Headwaters is integrated with Alliance Group, linking breeding developments with market developments and allowing farmers to act on and benefit from these.

Intensive genetic and agronomic research into Headwaters ewes has led to important discoveries about the links between Headwaters lambs’ fat constitution and different management and feeding systems
(see Omega Lamb Project).